Do you trust know your Data?

Discover. Govern. Integrate. Scale.


Discover and curate data across the enterprise with data sources in the cloud and on-prem.


Data governance and lineage for ensuring high quality data with tracking of schema changes over time.


Extract, transform, load, and wrangle data across data storage and processing systems with rules-based processing.

Data is a key asset for enterprises

Discover and organize your data across your entire data landscape

AdaptiveScale helps catalog all the data sources and files that a user wants to discover and centralizes that metadata in a single location.

Improving quality, speed, and collaboration


We help you discover all your data in your Relational Database Systems and in your Datalake.

DataOps strategy ensures that today’s use cases, which often bridge multiple data disciplines, are achieved with faster, better results which connects people, processes, and platforms through one collaborative view.  

Enterprise Data

Catalog datasets in databses or flat files, on-prem and in the cloud.

Tagging and Labeling

Tag and label data assets down to column level, and apply business rules.


Customizable scheduling for catalogging at desired frequencies.

Schema Evolution

Monitor changes to your data structures over time for both database and file based data sources.

Metadata Search

Discover data assets throughout the Enterprise with metadata search.

Data Integration

Enforce data governance for ETL and data integration jobs.

Build your Data Mesh with AdaptiveScale

Business insights from virtualy any data source, in any location

AdaptiveScale enables enterprise data management with our purpose built, fully integrated solution that automates the data life cycle from discovery through processing and consumption.

You’ll have a global view of all data assets regardless of location supporting data ingest, transformation and governance. 

We make it easy for your analysts, data scientists and business users to quickly find, manage, govern and use the data they need to make better, faster decisions

DataOps with Testing

Trusted Data​

User Guide

Hands on guides for developers, business analysts and data scientists to get started with AdaptiveScale.

Tutorial & samples​

Step-by-step instructions for solving common use-cases using AdaptiveScale.


Detailed technical documentation for using, extending and administering AdaptiveScale.

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